Highway to Hades

I can’t even begin to describe how disheartening it is to see trailers full of animals on their way to slaughter or making cross-country trips just to participate in the food chain. Recently I was behind a truck full of chickens, rows and stacks of open cages, driving smack into the middle of a thunderstorm with trails of white fuzz wafting back into the cars behind. For a short while I followed a trailer of baby pigs, poking their snouts out the slats in curiousity. Unfortunately where we live, and with me driving interstate near daily, this is a common occurence.

I don’t quite understand why this bothers me so deeply, while others take no notice. I suppose I never noticed either, for a long time. I always try to think comforting thoughts towards the animals.

At one point after going veg I thought to myself that the truck driver hauling these animals is like the mythical ferryman taking people to hell, Charon. What a horrible job it would be if the driver were more aware, an enabler to the deaths of so many animals.