Monthly Archives: November 2008

Vegan potluck!

We’ve RSVP’ed to attend a vegan Thanksgiving potluck, to be held the evening before the holiday. I’m quite excited about it, and know the gourmet in our family is already agonizing about what to bring that will best show off his amazing cooking skills. Since going vegan, we’ve never been to an event outside our house where we’ll be able to eat anything served.

Despite the fact that neither of us are big social butterflies, we’re putting ourselves out there for this in part to integrate ourselves into the local veg scene. The organizer has promised they drew other families with kids last year, so I think we will fit in OK.

I’m sure at his young age our babe doesn’t notice or care that what he’s eating is not exactly what everyone else is having, but as he grows I am predicting this will change. From reading messages on veg parenting lists, it seems many kids get to a point where they don’t want to be the oddball out. I am thinking that it will help if he can see as he grows that there are others that eat the way we do.

Not that we need to have the approval of others, but there’s something about being around like minded individuals to enliven the spirit and reinforce commitment to decisions. Even when your choices are different from 95% of the population, you at least know the remaining 5% are with you. (Or at least pretending to be, wonder if the FBI will be there? 😛 )

Hopefully the evening goes well. If so, we look forward to attending additional events like this in future. As the babe grows, perhaps he’ll come to develop friendships with some of the other kids. And if not, at least the event shows there are others out there that follow the compassionate eating model that we do. Plus, it may give us some fabulous suggestions to freshen up our menus.