Best Decisions – An Introduction

Now that our son is getting a bit older, I’ve been thinking a lot about the parenting decisions we’ve made to date. Many of the issues that we agonized over pre-baby, or in the early days after his arrival, are now old hat or no longer relevant.  Still others have laid the foundation for the fantastic experiences that we have with our son every day.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to post about some of the major decisions we’ve made, how and why we came to those decisions. By documenting my thought process I’m hoping to help inform others and also capture what I’m thinking at this stage in my life. It may seem a bit premature to be judging our experiences after a mere two years of parenthood, but I want to get this stuff down while it is still fresh in my mind. I’ve already largely forgotten much of my pregnancy and some of the early days!

It may also be a bit pretentious of me to think others will care what I think. However I believe that people take many factors into consideration when forming their opinions, including the convictions of those they know or that are their peers. Hopefully my observations will add to the collective knowledge built as they research, as well as give any family members reading a peek into the rationale behind my parenting actions.

Finally, I realize these may not always be the same choices others make (often times they seem not to be the norm), but I am confident that we have made the best decisions possible for our family. I am neither looking to argue nor dictate others do what we do.