Animal compassion

There were two sad stories in the news today about bad things happening to animals. In India, seven elephants were killed by a train. Meanwhile, dozens of whales are stranded on a beach in New Zealand.  However, both stories had something in common that to me was uplifting despite the loss of life. In both instances, the animals were trying to help their fellow beings.

It’s the same thing I saw when I watched hunters kill a whole flock of geese a few years back, something I am reminded of each fall as I see the birds start to migrate and the orange vests come out. The animals see or sense that the others are in trouble and reach out to help, sometimes losing their lives in the process.  This may seem like stupid behavior to some, ignoring what’s happening to the others at your own peril. However, it also illustrates a selfless attempt to help family and friends.

When we’re not seeing much compassion in the human world, it’s good to know at least the animals have each others interests at heart.